Kommuniti Kindness

How much should it cost to be Kind?

I don't know about you, but for me, I believe the exchange of Kindness should be a daily action for all. It is difficult to be unhappy when you are being Kind......... and Kindness is Contagious whether you are the giver or the receiver or even when you witness it...... The emotions just swell up inside you I find!

Witnessing Kindness motivates me to be Kinder, to Share Kindness, and to think Community.... all of which make me very happy.

So now I equate Kindness with Happiness....... How about you?

Please feel free to share your Kindness Memes and Acts of Kommuniti Kindness so there is always a place on Social Media, where you can come to Be Kind and See Kind.

Two Intentional Acts of Kindness on Anzac Day, gifting strangers with Anzac Biscuits in Loving Memory of those who served, Lest we forget.

Kommuniti Kindness Nextdoor Group Link https://bit.ly/KommunitiKindnessNextdoor

Kommuniti Kindness Facebook Group Link (coming soon)

Hot Off The Press - https://bit.ly/PressReleaseInternationalAmbassadorBigAlConnolly

Since soft-launching our Kommuniti Kindness in Joondalup, Western Australia, I have accepted one of two inaugural roles as International Ambassadors for Australia of the Kindness Worldwide Program. Kindness Week every November this year is Saturday, November 9th to Saturday, November 16th, 2024.

Learn more about Kindness World Wide Week by clicking here............ https://bit.ly/KindnessWorldwideBigAlConnolly 

Our other Australian International Kindness Week Ambassador

Robyn Simpson of the Kind Community Project, Come and Join Us https://bit.ly/KindCommunityProjectBigAlConnolly